Hi, my name is Anton, and I'm a self-taught web developer.
The idea behind this blog is to accumulate knowledge, take notes, and potentially share the information with anyone who may be interested. What I've noticed while learning is that it may be difficult to find quality content, and I always ended up spending hours trying to find good information.

I was taking notes anyway, so I thought I might as well write them as a blog and share it publicly. You won't find any tutorials on this website unless I feel forced to create one because there is nothing available. Instead, I'm going to share my notes, opinions, obstacles, and the way I overcame them.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm self-taught and I don't have any technical background. Naturally, like most of the people who walk the same path, I suffer from imposter syndrome. Which where the name of this blog came from. It's all about acknowledging your fears and weaknesses while still powering through and believing in your success.